The History of Orbeez Guns: Where do they Come From?

The History of Orbeez Guns: Where do they Come From?

The origins of Orbeez guns

Orbeez guns take their name from Orbeez beads, which are super-absorbent water beads. Orbeez beads were invented in the 1960s by a Japanese chemist who was looking for a way to conserve water for agricultural use. He discovered that a certain type of polymer could absorb large quantities of water and transform itself into a soft, bouncing ball (Superabsorbent Polymer).

Orbeez beads were first used in agriculture and horticulture, where they were used to retain water in the soil. However, their unique texture and ability to swell soon attracted the attention of toy manufacturers.

The evolution of Orbeez guns

The first toys to use Orbeez beads were water-bead kits, where children could blow up the beads and use them to create colorful designs. However, it was soon discovered that Orbeez beads could also be used for shooting games.

The first Orbeez guns were introduced to the market in the 2000s. These toys used a pump mechanism to fire the Orbeez beads, which were soft and safe for children. Orbeez guns quickly gained popularity for their unique look and fun gameplay.

Orbeez guns today

Today, Orbeez guns are available in a variety of models and sizes, from small pocket pistols to large Orbeez rifles. Some models even come with extra features, such as LED lights and sound effects.

Orbeez guns have also become more environmentally friendly. Modern Orbeez beads are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic, meaning they are safe for the environment and can be left outdoors without causing waste.

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