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Paracord for Survivalists

Which Type of Paracord to Choose?

The 550 paracord is often the most versatile and recommended choice for survival and outdoor adventure activities. It gets its name from its ability to support up to 550 pounds (about 250 kg) of weight, making it a robust choice. This cord consists of several inner strands, often made of nylon, encased in an outer sheath. This multi-strand design also allows you to split the cord for various uses, such as sewing or fishing in emergency situations.

How to Use Paracord?

The paracord is incredibly versatile and can be used in a multitude of situations. In survival, it is ideal for tying food traps, for attaching structural elements when building an emergency shelter, or even for making a tourniquet in case of severe injury. In a more recreational setting like camping or hiking, it can be used to hang a tarp or to tie equipment to a backpack. Its resistance to abrasion and durability make it a reliable choice for anyone who wants to be prepared for outdoor challenges.

Which Paracord to Choose?

When choosing a paracord, make sure it is certified by a recognized institution or standard. This will ensure that the cord can actually withstand the weights and stresses advertised, and that its materials are of high quality. Also, beware of cheap imitations that may look like real paracord but do not possess the same properties of strength and durability. Check user reviews and, if possible, perform strength tests to make sure it meets your specific needs in critical situations.

What is a Paracord Bracelet?

A paracord bracelet is a portable survival accessory made from 550 paracord. Besides being a stylish item, it can be disassembled to provide about 11.5 feet of useful cord in emergency situations. It's a versatile tool that can be crucial for survival. To learn more, check out our collection of paracord bracelets.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Paracord

Are all paracords water-resistant?

No, some are treated to be hydrophobic, but it's important to check before purchase.

How to recognize a real 550 paracord?

It should have 7 to 9 inner strands and a strength of 550 pounds to be considered authentic.

Can I use paracord for climbing?

No, although it is strong, paracord is not designed to support the weight of a person during climbing.