Collection: Survival Lighter

Why Have a Survival Lighter?

When it comes to surviving in the wilderness, a survival lighter is indispensable. More durable and reliable than ordinary lighters, it is designed to function in the toughest conditions, including rain and strong wind.

If you're a fan of Zippo lighters, known for their durability and iconic design, you might be pleasantly surprised by survival lighters.

What are the Benefits of a Survival Lighter Compared to a Normal Lighter?

A survival lighter offers considerable advantages over a classic lighter. It is resistant to the elements, lasts longer, and has better energy efficiency.

Invented by sailors facing the challenges of the elements at sea, which make lighting difficult by dispersing the combustible gas, survival lighters use butane at a moderate pressure, contrary to popular belief.

How to Refill a Survival Lighter?

Refilling a survival lighter is often as simple as filling the tank with butane or any other compatible fuel. Be sure to follow the specific instructions for your model to ensure maximum longevity.

5 Benefits of a Survival Lighter for Survival

  • Reliability: Functions in extreme weather conditions.
  • Durability: Made with resistant materials that ensure a long lifespan.
  • Versatility: Can be used to start a fire, sterilize equipment, and even as a distress signal.
  • Easy to Refill: Unlike disposable lighters, they can be refilled and reused.
  • Compact Size: Easy to carry and does not take up much space in a backpack.

5 Survival Techniques with a Lighter

  • Starting a Fire: Use it to quickly start a fire and warm up.
  • Distress Signal: In an emergency, the flame can serve as a distress signal.
  • Cooking Food: In the absence of a stove, the lighter can help cook small pieces of food.
  • Sterilization of Equipment: The flame can be used to sterilize medical or fishing tools.
  • Making Tools: In survival conditions, the flame can help shape and solidify wooden tools.

Survival Lighters are the perfect tool to go along with our kitchen utensils